Community Impact

The Vision Resource Center of Berks County strives to prevent blindness and visual impairment, and to advocate and provide quality education, support services, and rehabilitation to enrich the lives of blind and visually impaired persons and their caregivers.

Vision Screenings

The Prevention of Blindness program provides over 2000 free vision screenings to children 6 months of age and older in Berks County, Pennsylvania every year.

These screenings are designed to detect eye issues at an early age because the earlier the detection, the earlier treatment can begin.

Free vision screenings are provided at day care centers, preschools, nursery schools, Head Start Centers, and kindergarten registrations.

Adult vision screenings are provided at various health fairs and community events throughout the year. These screenings are designed to assess an adult’s vision changes.

Call 610-375-8407 or contact us to schedule a vision screening at your school or organization.


Education Programs

Several education programs are available for different age groups of children. These programs are designed to discuss eye health and eye safety rules.

Adult education programs can also be performed concerning specific eye issues or ideas for continued independence within the home with a visual impairment.

If your group is looking for a speaker to talk about VRC services or any other vision-related issue please contact us.  We can custom tailor our presentation to meet your group’s specific needs.

Sample topics: guide dogs, eye safety, assistive devices, and visual impairments.